A Little Club History

This club was originally started in late 2007 in the Land O Lakes, Fl area by Mike Harvey, Jim Slaughter, Jeff Westbrook and  Reed Eagle. (I think... Most of this information is being picked up by scouring early pages in our thread on OSE)  Hugh Ebner and Ray Rankl were in the early days as well. Jim took care of most of the legal work getting the non profit papers and NAMBA charter established. Originally the club ran in Mike's back yard (Lake Pagette in Land O Lakes). Problems with lake useage and the full sized boats prompted acquiring the use of Ackerman Park in June 2009. courtesy of Ray Rankl. Thank you Ray.

When I first joined the club Jeff, Mike and Jim still attended on a fairly regular basis. Over the past year it has dwindled down to just Jim, Hugh and Ray (from the originals) making a regular presense and Jim recently announced that his health will no longer allow him to run.

With Jim stepping down we held a little election at our last club gathering on 10/23/2011 with Scott Kubinski getting stuck with the job of President and treasurer. At the same time we changed the club's "official" location to be in Sarasota. We also decided that we should have a club website. I volunteered to play the role of "webmaster" since I had the software for doing it and some prior experience with my old  no longer active manatee-rc site. That concludes our little history lesson.

As we move forward, we hope to grow the membership in our club and start hosting some real NAMBA sanctioned races in addition to our normal club runs.

As of June 2015 our new home lake became Bennett Park in Bradenton FL.  Our hopes are that here we will fnally be able to host some real races as when we tried to put on our 1st event at Ackerman, got shot down by Sarasota county.

The West Florida Model Boat Club is a Radio Control Model Boat Club now located in Bradenton Florida. We normally run on the 2nd and 4th Sundays of each month at Bennett Park in Bradenton. You can check our contact page for a map and directions.

We are a North  American Model Boat Association chartered club and require a current NAMBA membership to run with us or to join our club.  Their membership includes a liability insurance policy for its members.  For more information, please visit the NAMBA website which we have a link for on our links page.

We will allow a non member 3 times running with us prior to joining the club. Running with us includes use of the retrieve boat (by an existing member) to rescue your boat if needed. After the 3 visits you will need to become a member to continue to enjoy the priveledges and use of our equipment. Our club dues are currently set at $40.00 per year. The dues are used to cover our annual NAMBA charter fees, help to maintain the existing equipment and purchase new equipment as needed or as funding allows.

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